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John Veney Sales Director

I've had the pleasure of attending multiple events by Baychata Sensual and each of them surpassed all my expectations. The venue was vibrant with great floors, packed with leads and follows. The organizers did an excellent job curating a lineup of talented international instructors who patiently guided us through the technique, catering to dancers of all skill levels. 10/10. Must Go!

Alex Hernandez Google Programmer & Bachata Instructor

Baychata Sensual is a great way to learn bachata, meet new people, and have fun. It has helped me get better at bachata in so many ways. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the dance, and they always make sure that everyone is learning and having fun. The events are also a great opportunity to meet other dancers and practice my skills. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in bachata or just wants to have a good time. I'm always looking forward to the next event.

Michelle LA Dancer

Baychata has really made it so much easier to learn proper bachata sensual fundamentals, from some of the best international instructors. I will keep going back to San Jose for as many events as they provide. I most definitely recommend you come to the next one!

Maxine Ray Creative Director

My favorite socials in SF Bay. Loving the opportunity to learn from world class artists and not having to buy a plane ticket and hotel!!

David Noyola LA Bachata Instructor

It is one of the best events happening on West Coast!! If you care about growing and learning proper techniques in bachata sensual or fusion, I highly recommend this event! They keep bringing world class instructors!

Brando Miranda Stanford Bachata Instructor

Baychata sensual is one of the top places to learn bachata sensual in the bay. Their dedication to cultivating an engaging and meaningful community shines brightly through their remarkable work. From hosting renowned bachata artists like Pablo & Raquel for valuable life long lessons, to serving delightful tacos for a fun-filled dance evening. These thoughtful aspects have inspired how we run our own bachata sensual events at Stanford, and are grateful to have them in the community. Can't wait to see how the bachata sensual community keeps growing with their efforts. Highly recommend them!

Luka Lai Tech Sales Manager

Baychata has the best Bachata workshops and hottest social events in San Francisco Bay Area. They have helped me advance my bachata dance by bringing  the world class artists. I believe learning from the best with the correct techniques is so important. Not to mention social dancing with these world-class artists is eye-opening. Thank you for the great work to level up our dance community. Please bring more artists, please!

Dvij Patel Bachata & Hip Hop Instructor

Baychata sensual is doing a phenomenal job pushing the level of Bay Area Bachata dancers by inviting high quality Bachata artists from around the world to come teach us. This also allows us to expand our dance network outside of the Bay Area!

Natalie Keller Bachata Sensual Dancer

Baychata events are a concentration of intensive training and most valuable tips from best of the best in the bachata world! Thanks you for raising dance level in the Bay Area!